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Natural body motions, such as walking or running are preferable to manufactured, controlled motions. The perfect exercise allows full extension and free expression of your body's rhythm and movements. By eliminating "high impact shock" you prevent sore knees, sore back, shin splints, overuse syndrome, etc. By adding true energy return to the rear foot, you make the exercise more fun - closer to the experience of world class athletes.


Walking, jogging and running are the body's most natural aerobic exercises. And the fact remains that you can't walk jog or run on these products. If you want to run and in comfort like you've never felt before or thought possible in a treadmill, while burning working out with top efficiency - the choice is Orbiter.


Since 1989, Orbiter low impact treadmills have protected pro athletes, runners, walkers and recovering orthopedic patients in physical therapy from the cumulative effects of high impact running and walking exercise. The Orbiter treadmill's unique surface engineering allows users to run and walk longer, faster and more often without joint pain, knee pain, back pain, that often accompany high impact running exercise. Walking or running on Orbiter also burns more calories for more efficient workouts. Weight loss and fat loss are real benefits of training on Orbiter treadmills.


From professional athletes in peak fitness condition, to orthopedic patients in physical therapy recovering from knee injury, back pain, or surgery, such as repair or reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament, ACL, and other types of arthroscopic and reconstructive surgical procedures.


From everyday people improving their cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary fitness, to athletes looking for a competitive edge, to those searching for a way to run, walk and jog while dealing with arthritis, gout and other connective disease disorders.


 From the U.S. Military bases across the country and NASA's Astronaut conditioning, training and injury rehabilitation programs, to heads of international corporations, to European royalty. All have discovered that the Orbiter treadmill removes high impact shock from running, jogging and walking exercise, and transforms jarring high impact into safe, comfortable low impact - energy return exercise with unequaled acceleration, deceleration weight loss, and therapeutic benefits.


The new Orbiter Treadmill Extreme with suspended trampoline like surface, is the world's premier turbo charged cardiovascular exercise workout, weight loss and endorphin making machine.



Orbiter™ Comfort
Take your aerobic, cardiovascular and
cardiopulmonary conditioning to higher levels.



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